Industrial and Commercial

If you are building or renovating a structure for any type of business, AE Rosen has the right experience and team for your industrial and commercial electrical systems. We regularly manage a highly diverse set of projects throughout the region. From bottling plants and secure energy facilities to auto dealerships, high-density residential complexes and retail stores, there is no limit to the project type and scale we can accommodate.

AE Rosen also supplies and installs natural gas,propane and diesel generators (5 KW to 2500 kW capacity), transfer switches, We pour concrete pads for these components as well and work with vendors to insure load bank testing, transfer switch and factory spec testing.

We have a sizable labor force of nearly 100 electricians, supported by an experienced office staff and an accessible management team to manage your project from start to finish. We can match the right project manager and staff in the right numbers to complete your project the right way and on time.